Why your business should have a reliable supplier for face masks

Over the past year the coronavirus crisis has led to drastic changes in people’s behaviour, with everyday practices like handshakes replaced with elbow bumps and social distancing and wearing a face mask becoming crucial tools in curbing transmission.

But why should you now make sure that you have a reliable supplier for face masks in the UK?

The vaccination of our population has started and the end (which we all can’t wait for) for all these restrictions is near. Right?

Unfortunately, not.

Some of the measurements will stay for longer and some behaviour will stay with us for good.

Why will face masks become more common?

Not only is the wearing of a face covering still mandatory in many places, such as supermarkets or on public transport, in some countries, such as Germany, not any face covering will do, a Type IIR surgical facemask is the minimum requirement on public transport.

But let’s take a look at places which have endured crisis like this before. In 2003 East-Asia was struck by the SARS outbreak, face masks have been used to keep the SARS virus under control and even after the epidemic has ended, face masks are still widely worn within the population.

So, it is safe to assume that at least part of our population will keep on using face masks for some time to come.

More demand for face masks every winter

In the last year we have learned that the measurement aimed at the coronavirus also reduced the infections with other respiratory illnesses. This means that especially vulnerable groups of our population most likely continue to wear face masks to avoid illnesses like seasonal flu when the weather gets colder outside.

Businesses have a responsibility of care

Every business has a responsibility to its customers and employees when it comes to health and safety. In future there will be customers and co-workers alike who want to wear a face mask when in close contact with other people. It is up to every business to provide high quality face masks to make everyone feel safe.

Why choose a UK supplier for Type IIR surgical face masks?

To ensure that you provide your valued clients with face masks that give the protection they want, you should rely on a MHRA registered supplier like Home Shield Products Ltd. Even if some imported surgical face masks have been tested, what good is it if your clients can’t read the test reports because they are in a foreign language? This does not build confidence.

Our surgical type IIR face masks have been tested to EN 14683:2019 +AC:2019 by two independent UK laboratories to give you and your customers the peace of mind needed when it comes to protective items.

You can read more about the testing of our surgical face masks and download the test reports by following this link.

For all enquiries regarding our face masks please see our contact us page.