Face Mask UK tested and certified to EN14683:2019 Type IIR

Face Masks UK tested and certified for peace of mind

From the outset Home Shield Products was aiming to provide face masks of the highest quality for the NHS and our business customers. Therefore, we have deliberately not chosen to go down the quick route and get our products tested somewhere else.

We are convinced that it is worth the investment and the efforts taken by us, to provide you with face masks that are tested not only to UK standards but tested and certified in the UK to EN 14683:2019 +AC:2019 and approved by MHRA.

MHRA approved face masks

Home Shield Products has started the process to get the MHRA approval in August 2020. This was a vital step for our commitment to supply the NHS with our products. Home Shield Products is registered with the MHRA Reference Number 10412 and at the start of October 2020 we have received the MHRA approval for: surgical/medical face mask single use.

Home Shield Product is certified to ISO 9001:2015

At Home Shield Products quality has been at the heart of our efforts to produce high quality face masks from the beginning. Which makes us proud to announce that since June the 9th 2021 we are holding the ISO 9001:2015 certificate with certificate number FS 735332 issued by BSI .

Tested and certified in the UK to EN 14683:2019 +AC:2019

To provide the maximum confidence to our customers we have had our Type IIR face masks tested not by one, but by two independent and well-established UK laboratories.

We have chosen SGS, the world’s leading testing and certification provider and 4ward Testing one of the UK’s most reputable laboratories to carry out the testing and certification process.

Both companies have tested our face masks to EN 14683:2019 +AC:2019 and both companies have confirmed that the Home Shield Products IIR face masks exceed the required BFE filtration level of 98%. In fact, all tested specimens have shown a BFE filtration level of 99% or higher.

You can download the full testing reports in PDF format by clicking on the images.

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Face masks Type IIR tested to EN 14683:2019 by SGS
Face masks Type IIR tested to EN 14683:2019 by 4ward Testing
ISO 9001 certified face mask production