Why your business should have a reliable supplier for face masks

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Over the past year the coronavirus crisis has led to drastic changes in people’s behaviour, with everyday practices like handshakes replaced with elbow bumps and social distancing and wearing a face mask becoming crucial tools in curbing transmission.

But why should you now make sure that you have a reliable supplier for face masks in the UK?

The vaccination of our population has started and the end (which we all can’t wait for) for all these restrictions is near. Right?

Unfortunately, not.

Some of the measurements will stay for longer and some behaviour will stay with us for good.

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How to use a surgical face mask

UK certified and MHRA approved face masks made in Nottingham UK

Wearing a surgical face mask (Type IIR face mask) is mandatory in many health and care settings. But if surgical face masks are not used in the correct way it can jeopardise the efforts of stopping the virus to spread.

The WHO advises to make wearing a mask a normal part of your day-to-day routine and use internalise the proper use, correct storing and appropriate disposal of surgical masks.

The help you and your staff to use your type IIR face masks in the appropriate way we have summarised the WHO advise for the use of surgical face masks for you.

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