Hand Sanitiser For The Oakhaven Hospice In Lymington

We are proud to see that 90 of our hand sanitisers have been received by the Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington, this time delivered by Malcolm Steward from the UK Mask Force charity. The products from Home Shield Products have been welcomed by Dr. Birch of the Oakhaven Hospice, who was very pleased with our hand sanitisers. He said: ‘They are such a handy size, it means we can keep them in our pockets so you can just use them all the time rather than having to find a wall mounted one.’

We are pleased that our 100 ml size hand sanitiser has been the right product for the Oakhaven Hospice, but should you have a need for larger we also have 250 ml and 500 ml hand sanitisers available.

As always, the dedicated team from UK Mask Force has proven that they fully understood the needs of the front-line team in this specific setting and provided, with the help of your donations, help to improve the work for this health care team.

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