Face Masks And Hand Sanitiser For Falcon Support Services In Loughborough

UK Mask Force has delivered hand sanitisers and face masks, supplied by Home Shield Products, to the Falcon Support Services in Loughborough.

UK Mask Force is a charity that provides care homes, NHS GP practices and other organisations that have a need for PPE.

Falcon Support Services is a charitable organisation providing help and support for the homeless and vulnerable in Loughborough and Leicestershire.  They run the Falcon Centre, a 30 bed supported housing scheme in Loughborough. In the last 12-months 235 people have been housed there and found support and help. Additional to that their ‘Drop-In’ centre has seen over 7000 visits from vulnerable and homeless people.

Falcoln Support Services PPE Delivery

If you want to support either of these two amazing charities, just follow the links in the text above. We are delighted to work closely together with UK Mask Force and provide much needed PPE for those in need.

If you are an non-profit organisation that is in need of PPE – you can contact UK Mask Force via their homepage.

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