PPE for the Park Lodge Project in Leicester

Park-Lodge-Project-PPE-Delivery hand sanitiser and face masks

The amazing charity UK Mask Force has, once again, donated our products to a good cause.  This time the recipients of our high-quality hand sanitisers and face masks are the frontline staff at the Park Lodge Project in Leicester.

Park Lodge Project was established in 1972 by local residents in the Clarendon Park near the centre of Leicester, who wanted to provide supported housing for homeless young people. The Project supports 46 homeless young people aged 16-25 years. The project has established a first class reputation and has housed well over two thousand young, single homeless people since it started. 

If you want to know more about the Park Lodge Project, here is the link to their homepage.

If you want to know more about UK Mask Force and support them in their aim to provide PPE to care homes and frontline workers please click here.

Park Lodge Project has received 100ml hand sanitisers and surgical face masks from home shield products. We guarantee the quality and quantity to supply charities, care home, NHS surgeries and businesses with the PPE to keep staff and customers safe.  

Interview With Dr Abraze Khalique From UK Mask Force

Dr Khalique UK Mask Force

We are happy to have had the opportunity to speak to Dr Khalique, the medical equipment advisor for the UK Mask Force Charity.

Dr Khalique has been working as an NHS GP for 30 years. In this time Dr Khalique has received several awards for his outstanding work (e.g. patient champion’s awards, an NHS Hero award and a Parliamentary Public Health award).

Dr Khalique, firstly can you say a few words about the UK Mask Force charity:

UK Mask Force is the result of a collaboration between military, medical and logistical partners and entrepreneurs in the UK, China and USA. It has been set up as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and the difficulties with NHS / care home / dental front line staff struggling to get quality non-counterfeit PPE in a timely manner with adequate supplies. In addition, with my medical colleagues struggling, or getting Covid and, sadly one passing away, I felt the need to help and support our NHS colleagues in their fight to care for patients in unprecedented times. By having logistics and ‘eyes on’ Chinese factory and procuring through credible agents we have the ability to act quick and accurately in sourcing credible and reliable PPE. This is paramount as front-line staff, whether in a hospital, care home, or community care/general practice setting, need good PPE to feel confident, secure and protected against the very dangerous hazards they and their patients are facing.

Setting up something like this, in these difficult circumstances and in such a short time is a big task. How did you get involved and what was your motivation?

Meeting with my partners, who were all experienced in their respective fields, made the whole arrangement and process of setting up the charity considerably easier. Our team comprises of; our medical advisors is General Sir Louis Lillywhite (retired Surgeon General UK Armed Forces and involved with WHO Ebola Epidemic), legal – Howard Kennedy, accountacy – Mockler Accountants, Procurement – HKKA Consulting limited (Hong Kong) and Logistics – Ligentia, entrepreneurs William Ralston Saul-nanotechnologies experts , the Team was very quickly enabled to undertake relevant diligence, search and diagnostics as well as procurement actions with confidence. The aim is to raise funds to source and supply credible, quality PPE for the NHS services, Care Homes and Dentists. My motivation to support, care and protect my frontline colleagues and patients

Can you describe the challenges you face in the procurement of the right PPE and materials for the NHS and care homes?

The main issue in procuring PPE is tracing its source from factory and then authenticating the factory and regulatory compliance and certification. The PPE is being distributed to frontline healthcare workers and the public and so it is essential to avoid any counterfeit products. Furthermore, as most PPE is sourced from overseas, for example China / Europe, this comes with further reliability issues in shipping / aviation schedules. This has made it a desire to source, where possible, PPE made in the UK

Why is it so important to have a reliable partner in the UK to ensure that the PPE you deliver to care homes is up to the required standards?

Finding products in the UK and abroad is a key ability to source and deliver PPE, especially when services are struggling to get it in both a timely and adequate manner. Key to this is having the right team which can react, investigate, target and deliver to those frontline services in a predictable manner. Reliable, trustworthy partners enable us to achieve this mission and having a UK partner such as Home Shield Products to fulfil this role. It is disheartening when looking after highly infectious ill patients to run short of protective equipment that is needed. Not only does it affect patient care and service but it also affects the confidence, morale and efficiency of the carers.

Home Shield Products Ltd. is proud to meet your high standards.

Why do you value the cooperation with Home Shield Products as your supplier?

Paramount to delivering the aims of the charity within the UK we need an experienced and reliable partner to facilitate excellent PPE product sourcing and assist with UK logistics. Home Shield Products also are creating sustainability within the supply chain by taking the route of manufacturing face masks and alcohol sanitisers in the UK.

This is a great mission – to provide UK manufactured face masks. I am proud that after months of hard work the Home Shield Products type IIR face masks are now tested and certified to EN 14683:2019 +AC:2019 and approved by MRHA and production has started in October 2020.

Thank you very much Dr Khalique for this interview. We are proud to be partner of UK Mask Force and the important work they do to support care homes and the NHS in the UK.

Face Masks And Hand Sanitiser For Falcon Support Services In Loughborough

Falcoln Support Services PPE Delivery

UK Mask Force has delivered hand sanitisers and face masks, supplied by Home Shield Products, to the Falcon Support Services in Loughborough.

UK Mask Force is a charity that provides care homes, NHS GP practices and other organisations that have a need for PPE.

Falcon Support Services is a charitable organisation providing help and support for the homeless and vulnerable in Loughborough and Leicestershire.  They run the Falcon Centre, a 30 bed supported housing scheme in Loughborough. In the last 12-months 235 people have been housed there and found support and help. Additional to that their ‘Drop-In’ centre has seen over 7000 visits from vulnerable and homeless people.

Falcoln Support Services PPE Delivery

If you want to support either of these two amazing charities, just follow the links in the text above. We are delighted to work closely together with UK Mask Force and provide much needed PPE for those in need.

If you are an non-profit organisation that is in need of PPE – you can contact UK Mask Force via their homepage.

Hand Sanitiser For The Oakhaven Hospice In Lymington


We are proud to see that 90 of our hand sanitisers have been received by the Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington, this time delivered by Malcolm Steward from the UK Mask Force charity. The products from Home Shield Products have been welcomed by Dr. Birch of the Oakhaven Hospice, who was very pleased with our hand sanitisers. He said: ‘They are such a handy size, it means we can keep them in our pockets so you can just use them all the time rather than having to find a wall mounted one.’

We are pleased that our 100 ml size hand sanitiser has been the right product for the Oakhaven Hospice, but should you have a need for larger we also have 250 ml and 500 ml hand sanitisers available.

As always, the dedicated team from UK Mask Force has proven that they fully understood the needs of the front-line team in this specific setting and provided, with the help of your donations, help to improve the work for this health care team.

Dunkirk Care Home Receives Face Masks And Hand Sanitiser

dunkirk-care-home-ppe-UK-Mask-Force face masks hand sanitiser

We are pleased to see that even more products from Home Shield Products have found their way to a care home.  Donations to the UK Mask Force charity have enabled them to deliver 1250 IIR Masks and 250 hand sanitisers to the  Dunkirk Care Home in Taunton.

The Dunkirk Memorial House is one of five Royal British Legion care homes in the UK and provides a dementia care unit, nursing as well as care for the armed forces community and their families.

(Photography by Johnny Fenn Photography)

Hand Sanitiser and Face Masks for Care Home

Hand Sanitiser Face mask for Care Home Bramley House

We are proud to work together with the amazing charity UK Mask Force.

Newly appointed UKMF Ambassador actress Ruth Wilson, who is pictured presenting the PPE, joined UK Mask Force director Antony Sainthill to hand over face masks and hand sanitisers, produced by Home Shield Products, to the Bramley House care home.

Ruth Wilson said: “I fully support the ambitious vision of UK Mask Force to raise funds for the procurement and delivery of reliable PPE to many neglected health care workers who are starved of supplies and funding.”

We are happy to support, together with your donations to UK Mask Force and ambassadors like Ruth Wilson, the work and care provided in care homes such as Bramley House in Wiltshire.

We provide high quality UK manufactured products and are a dependable supplier to health workers in many care homes and in the NHS.

Photography by Johnny Fenn Photography