About us

About Home Shield Products Ltd

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic my company and its customer base were overnight closed for business. Although help and positive government intervention has enabled the business to weather this period.

I started on a venture of sourcing PPE as it was apparent the country’s needs far exceeded its stock holdings.

My business partner, Kevin Henson, and I managed to source hand sanitiser and through proven trade routes managed to source masks and supply a daily changing market. A friend and colleague, Rory Gallagher, who was also working with the UK production of hand sanitiser joined us and we, with the help of my lifelong friend and accountant, Tony Kent, all saw the need to join forces and so Home Shield Products Ltd was formed by the 4 of us.

The demand for PPE was becoming more and more obvious

At this time Rory had been in contact with Dr Abraze Khalique who had been similarly appalled by the lack of PPE protection in his industry and had joined forces with a group of ex-military friends and similar minded driven people who wanted to address this lack of PPE.

They formed a UK charity “UK Mask Force“ with the sole intention to raise money and purchase face masks for the NHS & nursing homes and donate them to the most needy areas.

Home Shield Products supplied face masks for the charity from the outset

This didn’t prove as easy as first thought in that most of the imported face masks were proving to be substandard and massively expensive due to the profiteering of many importers.

Home Shield and the UK Mask Force worked very closely in sourcing IIR MEDICAL masks and supplied the charity who in turn donated throughout the UK during the past few months. In doing so, many high-profile celebrities have come forward to help gain publicity for the charity.

It is about quantity and quality

From this time of crisis, the most infuriating thing was, how we as a nation were left in a situation of not being able to supply our front-line workers with much needed PPE.

It was at this point Home Shield Products Ltd approached the charity with the inspired idea of Doctor Abraze to manufacture a British made IIR quality mask which would enable us to allow our front-line workers access to the quality of goods that they deserve.

Face mask manufacturing in the UK

It has proved, so far, very difficult to find honourable people to supply the required machine and raw materials to achieve UK production, but with Dr Abraze’s and Rory’s dogged determination I am excited to say that the machine has arrived in the UK in August  and after successful testing and having the face masks certified to EN14683 Type IIR Medical Face Masks in the UK by SGS, the world leading company for testing and certifications, production has started in October 2020.

Continued work is also being carried out to add a washable high-grade mask which is currently used by French and Portuguese military. This will offer protection to the corporate sector without taking much needed masks from the NHS.

Face masks and hand sanitiser for the NHS, charities and businesses

Like minded friends in Local business and government of Doctor Abraze have already shown huge interest in the fact that we are offering a UK produced face mask and the benefits it brings with it.

We are also looking at producing the top-level protection, namely for the NHS in a FFP3 mask which have just not been available and other countries have taken stocks and left our own NHS having to use substandard protection, this machine can also make FFP2 masks.

In short, a dream of the doctor’s; to have available UK production of the masks of the required quality is being realised.

Our Commitment

Home Shield Products Ltd and its directors have committed financially and without remuneration as has Doctor Abraze and the UK Mask Force to be on the verge of realising the mission statement of the company which was from day 1 of this amazing collaboration of likeminded people’s ambition.

Home Shield Products Ltd mission statement “Manufacture and supply our NHS with masks that stand up to the requirements to protect our front-line workers. Never may they be left without this protection as they risk their lives daily to provide health care to the nation“.

This is a brief summary of how Home Shield Products Ltd was formed and is now looking to the future with the support of the UK Mask Force to make this mission a reality.

Thank you everyone for all your help so far and I trust many more thank you’s in the future will be needed to help us reach everyone in the industry and make them aware what Home Shield Products Ltd can now offer;

  • UK quality
  • UK production for
  • UK front line staff and the nation

Jonathan Noon
Managing Director